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Wilmette, Il. is a beautiful suburb located just north of Chicago, If you are relocating or planning to move, this charming bedroom community is a great option if you are looking for a suburb that is near enough to Chicago with excellent transportation and commuting options. Wilmette is also home to the famed Bahai house of worship and should not be missed if you are in town.

Moving to Wilmette, IL

All State Mover’s Inc. has been helping Wilmette residents move to and from the city for years. We are a local moving company with roots in Illinois and we know our way around the village streets and infrastructure.

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About the Village of Wilmette

Native Americans were the first people to inhabit this region. European contact began with the arrival of French explorers three centuries ago. At that time, Potawatomi people were living in this area.

Wilmette’s road to incorporation began in 1869, a time during which the railroads played a crucial role in development, when a group of five men formed a land syndicate to promote residential development on the former Ouilmette Reservation. John G. Westerfield, the man who had originally farmed the land around the old Ouilmette cabin and later the village’s first president, laid out streets and lots in his first survey of the Village. Despite this earlier platting of the Village, it was not until 1872 that the Village was incorporated. It was named after early settlers Archange and Antoine Ouilmette,

The Edens Expressway opened in 1951 and the postwar baby boom brought rapid changes. Farmland disappeared as new streets were platted and homes and parks sprang up. The Edens Plaza Shopping Center opened in 1956. Improvements to the highways made it more convenient to drive to the city, bringing about the demise of the North Shore Line in 1955 and the Skokie Valley Line in 1962. In 1953, a prominent Wilmette landmark, the Baha’i House of Worship, was completed forty years after its construction began.

If you looking to establish your home or business in Wilmette, IL., the official village website has dedicated resources to help new residents and business owners learn more about the village and its interworkings.


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