Case Study: Floral Arrangement Service

Case Study: All State Movers Inc

A Flowering Business

One of our customers provides a service that provides a sustainable floral arrangement solution to homes and businesses. They deliver non-live plants and flowers to their clients monthly. Each month their clients receive a new refresh of beautiful, zero-maintenance floral arrangements! and they take away the previous arrangements too!

That’s where we come in!

For some of their larger office clients, it often requires them to move hundreds of new floral arrangements and remove the previously installed arrangements. They have a delivery van, but for this level of volume they look to All State Movers to quickly and efficiently box up and transport these arrangements. See how we help them manage the larger deliveries with our professional moving services.

1. The Plants

Our client offers an amazing variety of artificial plants to choose from. They really knock it out of the park when it comes to sustainability vs. live plants. Some of the benefits that their customers receive from using their services are:

  • Great Value: Big visual impact, small outlay.
  • Monthly Refresh: New design every month
  • No Contracts: Flexible billing and personalized service.
  • Water Free: Zero maintenance, no spills.
  • Allergy Free: Lifelike beauty, no pollens or perfumes.
  • Mess Free: Always look fresh, no wilting, bugs or flies.
  • Antimicrobial: Sanitized regularly for long-lasting protection.

2. Packing Up

We started at their storage facility, safely packing and boxing up the individual arrangements. Everything is internally secured, and protected from damage during transport.

Floral client warehouse
Floral Arrangements

3. Loading The Truck

After the arrangements are secure, we have to load up the truck. Luckily the boxes are uniform and we can fit everything in nice and tight so nothing moves around, reducing the chance of any damage!

Moving company Lincolnwood
Floral delivery

5. Finishing The Job

Once the packing and loading was done, we made the delivery to their client and as part of their agreement had to bring back the previous month’s arrangements. That meant about 600 more arrangements to unbox, put away and also break down all the boxes.  It’s all in a days work! We love being able to help our customers with their larger jobs!

All State Movers
Floral delivery unpacked
all those boxes

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