Packing for a move – Do it yourself or hire a professional?

Five reasons why you should have professionals pack your move

Moving is a time consuming effort with lots of variables. We take a look at 5 good reasons why hiring professionals to pack up your things may be a worthwhile investment.

1. It will save you time

The bottom line is that packing can take a lot of time. How much will depend on the size of your home or apartment and how many items you have, however it will still add up to a lot of extra time that might be better spent taking care of other moving-related tasks. There will be additional cost involved for a professional packing, but you can decide if that amount is worth paying if it means you don’t have to take additional days off of work, or have a schedule that would make it extremely stressful to have to make time to pack everything yourself.

2. Convenience

Having movers pack can lead to more timeProfessionals can usually pack everything in a single day in most cases. In addition to taking less time, the added bonus is that you will not have to pack things away weeks in advance as you would if you were packing everything yourself. You can live comfortably with all your home essentials at your disposal right up until the day the movers come to pack everything up. With the many things that need to get done when you are planning for a move, this can be a huge advantage.

3. Assurance

Professionals will take a survey of your belongings prior to the move. This allows them to not only get a very accurate estimate of the cost of the move in general, but also helps them and you identify items that may need extra care or special packing methods to best ensure they are transported safely.

4. Quality and Care

HIre a professional to pack your moveWhen you hire a professional mover to perform the packing of your belongings, you can rest easy knowing that proper packing and materials will be used. A professional will make sure that furniture items are all disassembled correctly and items such as paintings, glassware and breakables are packed the right way and with the most protective safeguards in place. They will have experience and knowledge of how to efficiently and safely prepare fragile and valuable items for transport.

5. Flexibility

It doesn’t necessarily have to be “All or Nothing” Most professional movers offer packing services for specialty items such as breakables, antiques, mirrors etc. that you might not feel confident that you could pack up properly. You could elect to pack a majority of you personal belongings, such as clothings, books, and non-breakables, but leave the complicated and delicate stuff to the pros. Inquire with your local mover and they can send someone out to review the items with you and provide a quote for a partial pack.