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Moving Coverage

All State Movers Inc. understands the overwhelming emotion of one witnessing all of your possessions being placed into a truck and hauled off to your new location so for comfort and security we offer coverage options for your possessions.

The first coverage is called “released value protection” and is set at 60 cents per pound per article. This means that you will be reimbursed for everything from your paperclips to family heirlooms at 60 cents per pound per article. This coverage is included in the quote given by the moving company.

Of course all of your belongings are worth more than 60 cents, depending on your risk tolerance; you may decide to upgrade your coverage and for that reason All State Movers Inc also offers what's called “full-value protection”. All State Movers Inc. as a company is insured up to $1,000,000.00. Despite the size of your move our company will provide the best suited coverage for all of your belongings and peace of mind.

All state movers, inc. has you covered! in addition to the liablity insurance we offer to our customers we also offer a wide array of (optional) coverage plans from Bakers Insurance.

 Baker Moving Insurance

For additional information on the different coverage options that are available from Bakers Insurance please click here to view their coverage packages PDF.

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